Neville Ronan


It's a passion....


The Mission


Armed with camera and lenses, Neville has spent the past year heavily engaged in the Central Florida environment near his Tampa Bay area home. "Finding beauty at every opportunity" is his mantra and he has developed a keen and appreciative eye of the wonderful natural environment that central Florida offers up.



Using his experience from professional photography with a different spin, Neville invests many weekends and early mornings in pursuit of finding nature images that best illustrate how much of our environment we take for granted. Whether it's a sunrise or a creature or flower of some sort, or even an abstract view of something in our natural world, he believes that there is beauty to be found around every corner if we just keep our eyes open to witness it.

The Man


Originally from Limerick, Ireland, Neville has made the Greater Tampa Bay area his home since 2001. When he hit 49 a number of years ago, he decided he had done enough growing older and each year now winds his clock back a further year. So now that he is 42 again, he has focused his life on living every moment and appreciating the simple joys that life has to offer.



Neville is a strong proponent of Sony Cameras and in particular the current range of Sony Alphas. He generally shoots with a set of fixed and zoom lenses. Whether it's landscape stuff using his 18mm lens or distant creatures on his 300mm. But you'll never see Neville with a tripod and none of these images in the portfolio are shot on tripod.

He shrugs at the confines that tripod places on photographers and prefers to crawl or strain in order to get the right shot. Yes, he will occasionally blur a shot, or he will forget to breathe, but he likens shooting on the fly like he does with the choice to hunt with bow and arrow versus semiautomatic assault rifle. There is much more joy to be had in getting a shot despite the shooting situation. Or so, he says.