Hotspots. This is where I shot throughout 2015

Let me know if you have difficulty finding any of these places. I am always interested in hearing about knew locations, so please email me if you have any suggestions.

Top Choices from 2015

Circle B Bar Reserve Nature Trails

There are several trails here, each with a different experience. This reserve is rich in wildlife, has a beautiful lake view, and fabulous wetlands.


Lettuce Lake Boardwalk Trail

This is a very scenic boardwalk trail with moderate levels of wildlife and a very easy pace that includes rest points and canoe rentals.


Lake Parker Lakeshore Walk

From the boat launch down to the southern tip of the lake there is close access to water birds and several great views for sunrises.


Ballast Point Fishing Pier

The pier gives access to amazing sunrise viewpoints and visibility to moderate amounts of water birds.