Project 1. Reflections

Remaining with my close affinity to water, I will be exploring the role of reflecting light and shape in creating scenes that are memorable.

It's a theme that has rippled almost accidentally through some of my favorite shots of the past few years, but now I will be going out in earnest looking for opportunities that could help define this project on a suatained level.

The aim of this project is to look deeper into some of the same haunts that I have been visiting in order to see beyond the creatures and the place itself and explore a hidden beauty within.


Project 2. The Macro World

There is a wondrous aspect to seeing something magnified to where you couldn't easily witness it with the naked eye.

In pulling off detailed macro photography without use of a tripod, all sorts of challenges exist that are movement related for me, my breathing, and for teh subject that may be moving.

The goal of this project is not just to secure some "winning" shots, but also to improve my camera handling in such a difficult situation to where it ripples improvements back out into my everyday shots.


Project 3. Black and White

Exploring nature in a black and white world will present a new set of challenges that I haven't yet developed answers to.

The subtlety of colors and sometimes the vividness of color contrasts have been key contributors to what I have enjoyed in my selection of decent pictures. But what if I suddenly became color blind? Some would argue based on my clothing selection that I must already be.

But seriously, the challenge of this project will be to examine nature in a way that its beauty or wonder still shows through despite the loss of color. And if I am lucky, perhaps I will find images that are reliant on the loss of color to tell their tale.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any opportunities in these categories that I could include in 2016.