2017 Projects

It is rarely "more of the same" when you live in Florida and I set myself annual goals to go after certain specifics.

The Quest

What better way to honor the life of someone you loved, than by pouring yourself into something that you know they loved?

Shooting with Sony

Everything on this site has been shot with either a Sony Alpha 77 Mark II or a Sony Alpha 65. Lenses are also Sony ... just FYI

Welcome to NevilleRonan.com

Away from the the hustle and bustle of business life, this site is a window for family and friends to look into the world that tickles me most ... the natural world. A world that in many ways has become my religion. My passion for all that is natural has greatly fashioned how I interact with the world around me.

I have become very conscious of even the tiniest of lives and treat them all with respect (even the ones that scare me). I also have become wildly passionate about the environment that we are fortunate enough to live in and I give it my best shot to instill that appreciation in young people that I come into contact with.

I hope you enjoy this view on my favorite pics from 2016. I update my site every year with the annual favorites, so be sure to check out the archives of past years if you want to dig deeper into my world!

Florida is my studio

For anyone interested in the natural world, Florida provides the very best of environments and I have been so lucky to have had the chance to live here for the past fifteen years.

My typical "go to" places for these photographs include

  • Circle B Bar Reserve
  • Lettuce Lake
  • Lake Parker
  • Picnic Island


All images on this site are copyrighted and should not be used without written permission from yours truly. That being said, I will happily send any image in higher resolution to you, should you like something so much that you would like it to be at print quality. Just write and let me know.

Contact Details

Email: nronan@nevilleronan.com

Neville Ronan

4220 Itchepackesassa Blvd
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