The thought of going through life uninspired is to my mind the same as eating a full meal without any taste. Inspiration is what drives me to get out of bed, or off that sofa, drive a distance, kneel and bend in discomfort, hold my breath for prolonged periods, ride out the anguish of missing that perfect moment .... some of the reasons "not to".

I will crawl on my belly, soil up the knees of my jeans, stand there and let mosquitoes have their fill of me, walk that extra mile after my limbs are weary. And I will do so happy in my soul. Because so many people pass by the opportunities to breathe in this wonderful world we are living in. They won't look to the side, or cross the street, or god-forbid, stop for a moment to bear witness to the magnificence that is life. Life in all forms. Life in all its beauty. Life in all its mystery. Life in all its stark reality. It is all there.

Life itself is the inspiration. We will be dead for millions and millions of years, but only alive for 80 or 90 (if we are lucky). Shame on those of us who focus on the material, the power, the control, the self-acclaimed success of riches.

True riches in life is a combination of sharing it with those who love us and bearing witness to the wonder that we are living in. All else is fluff.

Living in Florida has taught me that in the face of many adverse situations, I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to bear witness to so many wonderful ones. I draw my inspiration from the positives and hope to share them through my pictures.

Places that inspire me

  • Circle B Bar Reserve
  • Lettuce Lake
  • Lake Parker
  • Picnic Island
  • St Pete north shores
  • Englewood Beach

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The simplest approach to drawing inspiration is simply to take the time to observe the beauty that awaits our every step. It's all right there. We just need to look.


Then there are moments where we can explore our world a little more by stepping off the beaten track and making an effort to find unexplored beauty.

Look Beyond

A little more difficult (but highly rewarding) is the opportunity to look beyond the obvious that stands in front of us to find a feature or aspect that only study can reveal.


The fourth step to inspiration requires us to stretch our mind a little and allow our imagination to give life to reflections, shapes, or colors. See the unseen!

Follow Me

If your life is too hectic right now and you must glean your inspiration vicariously through someone, then choose me. I will happily share.

Lead Others

Your own desires and energy can in turn lead others. Take the opportunity to spread the truth about this wonderful world we live in.

Teach the Children

Influence young people to appreciate the natural world and together we can raise a generation of believers.

Release your Soul

Unfetter your own soul from the material world and let your soul fly free wherever your imagination will allow. The world awaits.

We only go through life the once ...

Try not to measure yours by the job-title on your business card or the number in your bank account


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