My mission in life started out as a simple quest. I challenged myself to provide images of the outside world to my Dad who was confined to hospital for the last two years after a horrendous accident. He was shut off from the natural world which he loved so much and I set about providing weekly insights of mine in the form of letters home with a selection of nature shots that could brighten his day a little.

When he died a couple of years ago, my approach had already deeply set into my way of life and I have continued with the letters home to my Mom who tells me that her closet is now bursting at the seams with envelopes of 4" x 6" prints that she reckons someone will have fun sorting through when she moves on, herself.

Each envelope has the same message written on the front bottom corner "Photographs Enclosed" and I imagined a retelling of the story in a distant future (my fantasy land) biography that bears the title with the same name.

Photographs Enclosed is a simple statement foreshadowing the contents of the letter but it also is in itself a statement of intent on my mission. I am using photographs to highlight the natural world for all to see. Anyone with an interest, that is. Photographs have a wonderful way of getting beyond the moment and sharing my own insight of the moment with a viewer. You get to see that moment from my perspective, my taste, and my intent.

In many cases this opens up simple subjects to a level beyond their immediate gratification. It shows a simple wild flower for example as a work of art, or a sunken leaf as a hidden treasure.

This is what I am trying to ring to the world. This is my mission. I simply wish to open up our minds to see the beauty that is before us.

Photographs Enclosed

  • Mission oriented
  • Naturally unedited
  • Sometimes obvious
  • Sometimes obscure
  • Occasionally insightful
  • Taken in homage

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Look beyond the obvious

As children we have unbridled imagination and so we see the world as a wondrous place. It is the same place, only we have changed.

Avoid laziness and apathy

Repeatedly taking things at face value is a waste of our intellect and our soul. Examine and imagine.

Allow life to educate

True learning does not come from schoolbooks. It comes from experience and the ability to soak it up with open arms.

Find your worth

If we can find our own worth, we can help others find their's. Until then our lives are worthless and of little use to anyone else.

Simply imagine

Can you see the Olympic shot-putter above, having just released his put? If so, you are on the right track. If not, look again.

Nature is life

While some choose to find their purpose in religion, I see mine as part of life's circle. And that reinforces my respect for every living creature I encounter along the way.

Become a caretaker

Our children deserve a world that is beautiful and nourishing. We are obliged to make sure that we preserve what we can for them.

Stand up for the voiceless

Intelligence does not equate to value. Every plant and creature on the planet has value. Bear witness to this and your own life's value will be enhanced.

Open your mind ...

... and your eyes will follow.


All images on this site are copyrighted and should not be used without written permission from yours truly. That being said, I will happily send any image in higher resolution to you, should you like something so much that you would like it to be at print quality. Just write and let me know.

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