I'm an Alpha Guy ... Sony Alpha, to be exact.

I'm often asked what I shoot with or what I recommend and in truth I cannot claim any expertise in this regards. I just know what works for me and so I am happy to share my thoughts below.

At the moment, I rely on my Sony Alpha 77 Mark II, with my Sony Alpha 65 as the back-up camera. Both cameras are 24 mega-pixel which is kind of cool because it allows me room to crop into pictures that otherwise might appear too distant. The 77 is the best camera I have used and it's weight and balance make it perfect for catching sudden nature opportunities that arise without too much blur.
The majority of shots that I take use a 300mm zoom lens (from 55mm) and yes it is a Sony, also. I have a 500mm lens but I find it difficult to get shots that I am happy with beyond a 300mm. I prefer to shoot without tripod and beyond 300mm, I really think you need one to get the best from an image. But then you give up your flexibility of shooting on the fly.
I love my 50mm fixed lens (another Sony) and I really thrill at some of the shots it produces for me in extreme close-up mode. Again I don't like tripod although I am sure I would get better shots with one. But I like to be able to maneuver around a flower, or whatever, without restraint.
I will never use flash in a wildlife setting. I am always conscious of whether I might scare or upset any creature. If I am shooting a person outside, then I almost always flash. But never in nature.
I really don't believe in editing nature pics. Sometimes I may come across where I need to remove something but this is very rare for me. When I resize or crop I always use Corel PhotoPaint (part of Corel Graphics Suite). It has all the power and tools that I need.

The pictures in my Mom's letters are always at Walgreens. They do great work and it is very inexpensive.

When it's time for a calendar print, Vistaprint is normally OK. A decent balance between price and quality but you have to watch them on the quality issue. Hold their feet to the fire.

When I print a book, it is always Shutterfly. A bit pricey but very good quality.

Have any other equipment questions?

I am definitely not in any way an equipment expert, but will happily give an opinion or explain what I use. So feel free to email me with any questions you have and I will try my best to answer.

I will add the questions and answers to this page as the year rolls on.


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