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I've been wildly fortunate to be able to live this past fifteen years in such a tapestry of natural beauty.

The continual refreshing of wildlife with northern and southern migrations brings almost endless streams of wildlife to me front door. The weather with its high percentage of sunny days, allows me to capture much of this in bright colors and the consistency of forecast allows me to reasonably plan my outings. Victoria and Morgan used to refer to me as the Plan Man when they were young kids and it is true. I much more comfortable when I am heading off on a plan.

Tampa and its environment allows me to make a general plan (of "here's where I'm going and for how long") while the diversity of what I may find along the way makes the day's events unpredictable.

I'm not driven by a need to see any one specific thing on any one of my excursions, so whether or not a 15 foot alligator or a bald eagle cross in front of my lens, makes no difference to me. There have been occasions where all was quiet on the Western Front but I had every bit as enjoyable time thanks to just the wonderful surrounds that these trails provide me.

Tampa Bay provides a wealth of locations to explore ...

I have my own favorite haunting grounds of course.

This year's pictures were captured:

Circle B Bar Reserve 56%

Lettuce Lake 30%

Lake Parker 8%

Other 6%

Circle B is my favorite spot, not just because of the diversity of creatures and plant life, but because it has several different trails to please the palate. Depending upon the mood, I may wander along the trail that sweeps down to Lake Hancock, or one that wanders through the wetlands, or through the beautifully treed forest, or along the alligator trail. It's all there and never lets me down.

For a more sedate stroll, Lettuce Lake has a wonderful boardwalk that winds its way through beautiful treed and lake-fronts, frequently opening out to wonderful expanses of view across scenic waters. There is a lovely sprinkling of wildlife and wild flowers blooming along the way year round.

Catching the sunrise at the North Shore in St Pete, or the sunset at Picnic Island makes for a wonderful experience. Or experiencing the wildlife and sunrise or sunset along either shore of Lake Parker, can also fill your coffers with interesting pictures. Or wander along the heavily shelled shores at Honeymoon Island, or even share a beer with my friend, Vel, down at Englewood Beach. You really can't lose with any of these options.


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