How to begin in words about two people that exemplified the meaning of true love? Sixty two years married before a horrible accident separated them and each of those years filled with such love as romance novels are filled with.

Nothing I write would do them justice so I will only attempt to cameo them from the light they shone on me and mine.

They created six of us, I being the third and their favorite. In truth, we were all their favorites as they saw in each of us beyond our flaws the values that continued some of their own. And after we scattered to the four corners of the earth they continued their love story in the home they built just outside of Limerick.

Dad was one of the most accomplished people I have had the privilege of knowing. He worked his way up from being a messenger boy at the phone company, to running engineering on one of the busiest regions in the country. He held me on his shoulders close to the front at JFK's speech in Limerick and many years later had Richard Nixon's entourage over for dinner, during his visit to Limerick.

He had an amazing inventive engineering mind and well beyond retirement was still coming up with creative solutions to whatever challenge we might face.

Mam was a full-time home-maker and put together a home life for her six children that each of us can only dream of now.

But outside of the home she also worked her magic, founding the national organization to support abused women long before it was a popular topic to engage in. She was an innovator and a thinker and deservedly won Limerick-Person of the year for her work.

But the sum of who they were was bigger than their individual assets and for those of us who were lucky to have been in their light, the experience of the warmth, love, and guidance is likely an unmatchable experience for the rest of our lives.