It's a beautiful world ... Naturally.

Welcome to the 2019 edition of my tribute to the wonderful world we live in and the creatures, plants, and scenery that we share it with. It is indeed a privilege to walk the trails and to experience such beauty.

Open Eyes

More than skill and lens, having open eyes that explore your immediate surrounds is the key ingredient to truly experiencing nature.

Soft Heart

A true appreciation of the beauty that is in everything and that it is our job to find it ... this is what singles out the true naturist from the crowd.

Steady Hand

There is such a challenge in containing your excitement when you feel the privilege of bearing witness to some of nature's special wonders.

Let your heart run free in Florida

It is the longest I have ever lived somewhere and having traveled to the four corners of the earth, that says something about what must surely be paradise on earth. Who needs a promise of heaven when the most beautiful environment on earth plays host to such a plethora of amazing creatures and plant life?

In many ways Central Florida seems to be a crossroads for life moving in all direction, people and animals crossing paths as their destination takes them north or south. The receding red tide of thoughtless hunters giving way to more liberal and environmentally friendly souls, armed with cameras rather than guns.

This web site is my tribute to some of the creatures whose path I have crossed, some of the scenes I have been fortunate enough to bear witness to, and some of the friends that have helped me along the way in creating novel and exploratory imagery. This year has seen the addition of special light images as an addition to the raw nature images of prior years.

The next journey begins!

With one journey's end there is an opportunity to either retire or embrace a new quest. I have chosen the latter. What was a quest to add wonder or beauty into the lives of two people who were very special to me, has now become a mission to enlighten the world. I don't for a moment think I could change the entire world, but hope to contribute to the greater movement that will in fact change the world. If one mind can be broadened and one heart opened to the natural treasures that enrich our world, then my job here is done.


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