My Mission

Neville Ronan - Photographer

Going forward and finding a new path is always a challenge when the path that you were previously on felt so important and fulfilling. But sometimes journeys reach their end and my fulfillment of privilege in serving the later years of both my Dad and my Mom came to an abrupt end in 2018.
It has been a marvelous journey and one that not only (hopefully) gave them some respite from their ailing years but also instilled in me a purpose beyond that. By cultivating my own interest in the natural world and training me to look for new and varied views on what this world has to offer, I found within the pages of this story an underlying story that in itself must be told.
The story is simple …. This world and the life we share it with must be protected at all cost.
Someone like me, being just an old nobody with a camera, can have little direct influence on the geopolitics that governs what industry and business can do to the environment. In that way, I am merely a single voice.
So my mission becomes merely a channel that allows others to draw their own interest and love of the natural world. By showing people creatures, plant, or views that perhaps they don’t normally see, perhaps I can influence how they in turn see the world around them. And maybe they will also spread the word and instead of one voice of appreciation and love, there will be many.
It begins in our neighborhoods and communities. It flourishes online as an interest and possibly reaches a “wow” factor that makes someone stop in their tracks. Then one day, industry and government will need to listen to the voices of those who buy their product or vote them in place.
There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and my hope is that one day, one of my images will equate to enough words to even just spark the interest in change.
From a single spark of love, this planet can be saved so that future generations won’t have to rely on images of old to show them a world that was subsequently destroyed for the greed of a few.


There is beauty in everything and it behooves us to find it ...

Never let others define beauty for you. Look beyond the obvious and bathe your mind in the obscure. Beauty awaits you there.


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