2020 was a truly awful year

But even awful years can have lovely moments in them and they still need to be cherished. I may have lost my fellow sunset-watcher but she will always be there when the sun dips through its final few degrees.


Whether you are making moments special or making special moments, an open-eyed view of photography can be the difference between success and failure.


Moments happen all about us but we have to be ready for them when they do and sometimes even stretch ourselves to be able to witness them at all.


When we see life with our soul rather than just our eyes, we can find "special" in the most "unspecial" of places. It truly is about the eye of the beholder.

By definition, I refuse to be defined.

When I first grabbed the camera and began shooting, I remember thinking that nature photography was clearly the direction I was moving in. And for a while, I focused my skills very much on the natural world around me. I am in Florida, after all.

But stepping off the trails and into urban life occasionally stretches the mind as to what it can find that is shoot-worthy. Similarly mixing up from day to night, sunrise to sunset, also made me stretch the settings that I was working the camera to.

And stepping into experimental photography with some very special friends, broadened my slills even further as I followed light trails, reflections, flour and fog .. all as a means to produce something that makes the soul go "aaaaaah".

It is easier to say what I am not than what I am these days. I am not a wedding, child, or family photographer. But beyond that, I go where the road takes me. And if by chance, it is the road less travelled, then all the better!

The Orphan's Quest.

I don't have to remind myself why I picked up a camera in the first place; taking pictures that brought some of the outside world of my bed-ridden father after his horrific accident brought his own world to its end. I have expanded the scope of what I shoot considerably over the years and I know that both Dad and Mam would be with me each step of the way, on each shutter-click, and ultimately each captured moment. They were my greatest fans and I can still hear their cheers from the sidelines. They both walk with me.


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