Book number three in the "Ancient Ireland" series.

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Like his Father

Barely old enough to rule a kingdom, yet mature enough to halt an empire. Athramail is the untold story of a young king living out the legacy of his mother.

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They were turbulent times. And the young King of Connaught faced conflict around every corner.

Athramail had taken over the throne from Maeve and struggled with the weight of running a province and watching over his younger brothers.

Rome was stretching the edges of its empire and Ireland stood alone in Europe as not yet a part of it.

Aided by Celtic druids, Morrigan and Dagda were obsessed with plans that would take Celtic Ireland back into conflict with the Tuatha Dé.

This is a story of how even the most severe of challenges can become an avenue of growth, when love, fealty, and friendship come together to face tyranny, hate, and cruelty.

In the final stage of the Ulster Cycle of Irish history, new heroes rise as the sun sets on others.

Athramail finds that his destiny is driven by his deeds and the deeds of those around him.

A destiny forged from the steel of character, more like his mother than like his father.