Book number one in the "Fianna" series.

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The Fianna Trilogy

A re-telling of a well-known story that shines a glaring light onto all involved in one of the greatest tragedies to befell Ireland. It fleshes out the people that were involved and what was to set the Fianna on their path to eventual destruction.

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In a time long gone, one of Ireland’s greatest tragedies played out against the backdrop of an old country coming to grips with a young national monarchy system.

Love and honor, treachery and resentment, worked to define what ultimately led to the demise of Ireland’s greatest warriors, The Fianna.

In a dramatic retelling that stays true to the historical happenings, Pursuit gives life to the characters that played a critical role in defining a nation of heroes and villains.

Led by Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the Fianna embarked on a dramatic chase to bring one of their own to justice, overcoming their own love for the man that they sought to hold to account.

Beyond the historical what and when, we get to see why events played out the way the did; as motives and feelings help unravel the mysteries of the ages and give greater understanding to how arguably Ireland’s greatest heroes ultimately became labeled villains.

But, when lies and deceit take life in the halls of Tara, who is to say what label is real and which is merely a statement of resentment and revenge?