Book number two in the "Fianna" series.

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The Fianna Trilogy

In one of the greatest battles of Irish history, this story explains the real reasons behind who was there and why. It goes a long way to help understand how the Fianna finally found themselves on the wrong side of a losing battle.

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Follow again the heroic Fianna in this second installment and dramatic recounting of their final years as Ireland’s invincible band of warriors.

History tells us that the battle of Gabhra brought to an end the Fenian Cycle of Irish history against a backdrop of hatred, vengeance, treachery, and ethnic cleansing.

Yet, the power of truth, love, and loyalty kept some degree of balance in an unbalanced and chaotic reign from the halls of Tara. Fionn, Oisin, Caoilte, and others forged a path of destiny in pursuit of fairness for the landless Deisi people that ultimately cost almost all their lives.

Set against a backdrop of a Druid resurgence that was violent, vicious, and extraordinarily sadistic, the brave men of the Fianna pitted themselves against overwhelming odds in an attempt to turn the tide and bring Ireland once again out of the darkness that it found itself in.

Against the looming failure of death and destruction, they knew that in their battle against evil, death in itself was less of a failure than inaction.