Tir na nOg

Book number three in the "Fianna" series.

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The Fianna Trilogy

In a land often trivialized as existing only in fairy tales, heroes and villains come together on a fateful journey that defines an Ireland still finding its feet in a new millennia.

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In its final installment of the Fianna Trilogy, Tír na nÓg brings the conclusion to a saga playing out in the dying years of a pagan Ireland.

Though the passage of time may allow old wounds to heal, new adversaries appear that threaten the bliss and tranquility of a post-Fianna Tara and the magical world of the Tuatha Dé.

Roman expansion in an enslaved Britain, and those that would seek to restore power to a people vanquished to the hills, provide very real challenges to those that are trying to move on from a conflicted past. But through it all, the undying values of truth, love, and loyalty prove more than a match for whatever deceit, treachery, and hate can conjure.

In the immediate years before Christianity arrived in Ireland, this story lays the foundation for an already moral and just society being more than receptive to a morals-based concept of an emerging religion.

This is a dramatic, yet factually correct, story that helps shine a light on the very heroes that millennia later inspired ideologies that took Ireland from under the yoke of foreign occupation.